But First, Whole30 Coffee.

Good Coffee: The Key to Whole30 Success 

So listen, if you start Day 1 with a solid plan for your coffee routine you will have basically won half of the Whole30 battle…at least in my opinion. I looove my morning coffee. (and let’s be real…my afternoon coffee and nightly decaf coffee too) Honestly, knowing I get to have my coffee is pretty much the only thing that makes waking up before dawn with my one year old manageable.

Plain, Unsweetened Almond Milk

I made the mistake of thinking “I am already giving up so much, I may as well just try drinking my coffee black and see if I can get used to it, right?” WRONG. I took one sip on the first day and immediately questioned my life and overall adulting skills. WHO decides to drink their coffee black, in addition to cutting out ALL sugar, bread, cheese, and everything else good in the world?! NO ONE. That’s who. Luckily ( < that’s a relative term) I had some Califia unsweetened/plain/chemical-free whole30 compliant almond milk (woohoo) on hand that day to get me through. I didn’t love it. I wasn’t excited about it. And it certainly wasn’t my usual go-to pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, or yummy vanilla sugar-rush creamer….but I survived with the almond milk and some cinnamon for about the first week.

Califia almond milk

Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil 

Next phase of my coffee game was coconut milk (I bought the canned stuff from Sprouts) and a scoop of coconut oil. I had heard someone mention this a while ago and thought I’d try it. Apparently I am way behind the times and this is a known thing called Bulletproof coffee where you mix it all together in a blender? Well, I had no idea, so I literally just dumped it in my coffee, stirred it up, and then drank it just like that. Yes, doing it without the blender does create weird little oil droplets on the surface of your coffee once you let it sit for a minute, but that didn’t really bother me. I would say this was equally as tolerable and unimpressive as just plain unsweetened almond milk. It was something different though… You should try it at least once, you might really enjoy it!

sprouts coconut milk  coconut oil

Califia Creamer

Around the halfway point I was wandering the aisles of Sprouts and found the Califia unsweetened almond milk creamer. This felt like a game changer for me! Maybe by this point my taste buds had started to change or I just wasn’t craving the sugar quite as much? Or maybe I just found comfort in the fact that it wasn’t made of riced sweet potatoes (which I ate like 32857 times) and also it said the word CREAMER…so that was reassuring. Whatever it was, it was the best thing I had tried and I felt great about it! It’s about $5 for a 32oz carton so it’s more expensive than the fake creamer I used to buy, but still pretty affordable.

Califia Creamer


During my last week of W30 I broke down and researched what the hell these nutpods I kept hearing about were. I finally decided to give them a try. My verdict: ORDER LIKE 20 BEFORE YOU START AND YOU’LL BE WAY AHEAD OF ME!!! Seriously though, Nutpods are a whole30 endorsed product. The entire line (pumpkin spice, french vanilla, hazelnut, original) is compliant, and the best part was I really felt like I wasn’t making a compromise when it came to drinking my coffee the way I like it and truly enjoying every sip. The only bummer is they are pretty expensive. I ordered the variety pack from Amazon which was (3) 11.2FL OZ cartons and it was $13.95. In my opinion though they are worth every penny!


Moral of the Story

Regardless of what you end up using, your coffee will never taste the way it did when you were using that delicious, liquid-sugar, dairy creamer . It just won’t. There will be an adjustment period and it will be hard at first. The good news is, you’ll get over it and learn to love your coffee again, I promise. As I am writing this I have been done with my W30 for two weeks and therefore free to put all of the chemicals I want back into my coffee…but guess what? I literally haven’t even had the slightest urge to reach for my old creamer. I am perfectly content with the nutpods! Moral of the story? If you love your coffee as much as I do, start your W30 prepared and buy the freakin nutpods people! Coffee will inevitably be your only joy for at least the first two weeks (because they are hard!), so it may as well be good!

One last thing…have YOU found anything amazing for your Whole30 coffee???    Comment below and let me know what to try!

bad coffee


One thought on “But First, Whole30 Coffee.

  1. I actually tried some ghee in my coffee (blended it up) and didn’t hate it. Go with me here… In fact, I sort of liked it.

    Totally agree, Nut Pods are great. I saw there was a pumpkin spice flavor, but it was sold out last time I ordered.


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