I did it! I actually finished Lori Harder’s 14 Day Challenge…like I told myself I would. I understand for a lot of people working out every day for two weeks in a row may not seem like that big of an accomplishment, but for me it totally was! Before this challenge I had literally never even worked out 3 days in a row, let alone 14. I am also notoriously bad for making big, lofty promises to myself and then not following through…which feels really crappy. These last few months have been the very beginning of me keeping promises I make to myself though, and I can’t describe how good it feels to follow through and not let myself (of all people) down.

Back in September I felt the nudge to take a step toward better self care which led me to impulsively doing my first Whole30 in October. Since finishing W30 I have kept a pretty consistently clean diet. I feel totally free to eat whatever I want, but that generally looks a lot like what I was eating during Whole30. The exceptions would be when Tyler and I go out for a date or the occasional cocktail. Even then though, what I choose to order and how much I choose to eat/drink in one sitting is so drastically different than what it used to be because I know how I want to look and feel the next day.

A few weeks ago I listened to an interview with Lori Harder on Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast. (If you haven’t listened to the Goal Digger podcast you totally should, btw!) I was so inspired by Lori and felt so connected to her attitude and mission. From there I started listening to Lori’s own podcast, Earn Your Happy, and following her other work. That’s where I found out about her 14 Day Holiburn Challenge. It was a chance to make a commitment to consistency and focus on self care during what is normally such an insanely busy and generally indulgent time of year. I felt that unexplainable nudge again and decided I was going to do it. The part that really scared me though was that I was going to have to take pictures of myself and post about my experiences every day, for 14 days. From a vulnerability standpoint and also from an accountability standpoint. I knew there would be people that thought it was stupid I was doing this, or that it was weird I was posting selfies every day (I’m normally not a selfie person AT ALL!). I was also incredibly worried I wouldn’t be able to stick with it and then I would look like a complete failure. I decided to ignore these fear voices though and just go with my gut.

Here’s the thing. I was right. There were people who thought it was stupid…Close friends and family that didn’t even acknowledge what I was doing (knowing how out of my comfort zone and difficult it was for me) and people who made discouraging comments about how they “would NEVER be someone that takes selfies every day and puts them on the internet.”  This stuff hurt. But listen, none of it was as uncomfortable or painful as NOT doing it would have been for me. If I had chosen not to do this, or to do it but only in private and not tell anyone, I would have been letting myself down…and that’s an uncomfortable, crappy, fearful way to live that I just don’t want to be a part of anymore.

I am so proud of myself. Proud that I kept a promise to myself. Proud of the way I look and feel today. Proud of the consistency muscle I am working so hard to build…in every area of my life.

So, here is what’s on my heart today. If YOU have been thinking about trying something out of your comfort zone…changing up the way you eat or take care of your body…learning something new…putting yourself out there in some way, even though it scares the sh*t of you…my advice would be DO IT! What the hell do you have to lose? Ignoring that little voice inside you that says “Yes, you can!” or “This is for you, this is your time” or “Try this thing that your soul is excited about!” will ALWAYS be more painful than just doing the actual thing and dealing with a couple unsupportive comments or even actual failure now and then! It’s also super liberating to ultimately not give a fu*k about what people think, and to discover the incredible support and love of all the people who do get what you’re doing and want to cheer you on!

One more thing: Don’t believe the lie that just because you haven’t done {fill in the blank} in the past that you can’t start now. I had never thought twice about what I put in my mouth, literally never worked out or been even remotely athletic in all of my life, constantly had limiting beliefs going on in my head, and didn’t believe I would ever be able to finish something like this or invest in myself and my health the way I am learning to today. IT IS POSSIBLE, friends. Go do YOU!

{Two of the days I posted a video instead of a photo,

so that’s why only 12 of my 14 days are documented here!}


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